plastik factory is not a place but an idea, concept, and ultimately a Movement that coalesces the artistic talent of Warren Jones and Jeremy D. Vanley into a broad but singular narrative.  Utilizing a bold swath of mediums that includes music, film, painting, prints and performance, Plastik Factory presents a hypothetical window into the future as we negotiate our relationship with technology, energy, and salvation in this brave new world.

Metropolis - Esquire Theatre - Denver
April 15, 2015 - 2PM & 7PM
Jeremy Vanley - Art/Design
Circuit Cities
Nosferatu 2013
Oct 5  - Mile High Horror Film Festival

Back by popular demand!!! Plastik Factory is pleased  to announce that we will reprise our critically acclaimed Live Soundtrack Performance of Nosferatu at this years festival!  This is is the second year we've been invited to participate and are very excited!   We are also looking forward to performing at the Alamo Draft House in Littleton - the new location for the Festival! (see hyper link for directions).

Show time is TBD so, please make sure that you follow the MHHFF facebook page for updates or just visit the MHHFF website at There you can learn about  all the other amazing films offered this year that will be sure  to have your hair standing on the back of you neck!  As always, once we know of our official performance time, it will be posted on our facebook page.  All the better reason to 'like' us today!

Oct 29 - Esquire Theatre -  2 and 7 PM
Two Showtimes! Start your Halloween celebration early with a screening of our Nosferatu live soundtrack.  This will be our first performance at Denver's Esquire Theatre where Plastik Factory  will be featured as part of their Classic Film series.  For ticket information, please visit the Esquire Theatre web site at
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